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GPL Standard in Vivo Lab of TBI

GLP Standard In Vivo Laboratory (Animal House) at
Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM), Jammu

No. of Floors
Ground Floor Covered area
First floor covered area
Service floor covered area
Total covered area
Start of Construction
Completion period (extended)


G+1+Service Floor
1378 sq.m
1372 sq.m
554 sq.m
3304 sq.m
July 2015

Creation of Infrastructure - “GLP Standard In vivo Laboratory(Animal house)”

  • For the purpose of Drug Development
  • Under strict GLP Regulations
  • As per FDA & other regulatory agencies requirements
  • To follow CPCSEA guidelines
  • To produce specific pathogen free (SPF) laboratory animals & specific animal models for Drug discovery and Development study.
  • To obtain Certifications for GLP (National GLP Programme & OECD GLP) and other Accreditations
    (i.e., AAALAC)

Capacity of proposed Animal Breeding/Holding Rooms

  • Total number of animal rooms : 24
  • Number of animal breeding : 8
  • holding rooms/GLP Tox : 6
  • non GLP exploratory Experiments :4
  • Special animal study(small room) :4
  • Number of Quarantine Rooms : 2

Each room having capacity to hold two double sided IVC racks (rat/mice) and each DS rack can hold 160 cages for mice and 144 cages for rats.

Capacity of each room: 320/ 288 cages for mice and rats respectively.

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