"IIIM Jammu is in the process of creating a State-of-Art National Facility for small and medium scale manufacturers from north India and the state of J&K in particular to get their products manufactured under GMP/GLP conditions besides its use for research in IIIM" ...


CSIR-IIIM is a national institute engaged in research on drug discovery from natural products (medicinal plants and microbial species). It is a multi-disciplinary organization encompassing the natural products chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, biotechnology and botanical sciences. IIIM Jammu has assisted several domestic & global industries by providing in-house developed technologies and has well established network and linkages with leading industries and universities.

“Technology Business Incubator-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu” (National cGMP facility for Manufacture of Phytopharmaceutical Drugs) intends to serve as a National facility for Manufacture of Herbal Drugs as per global standards.

CSIR-IIIM has established a cGMP pilot plant for extraction, formulation and packaging of botanical/ herbal medicines as tablets, capsules and oral liquids. This national facility has been created as per WHO guidelines with the financial support from DST, CSIR and AYUSH. This facility has been issued a manufacturing license by Drug & Food Control Organization, Jammu & Kashmir (license No: JK/01/14-15/AY-UN/216, Dated: 30/01/2015, valid up to: 29/01/2019. Recently we have also been given permission to manufacture and market certain AYUSH drugs (No: DFO/O-776/1097-99 dated 10th June, 2015).

TBI, IIIM is also specializes and developed the national level fermentation facility in the area of industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology with an emphasis on fermentation technology for the production of various industrially important bioactive molecules . TBI offers researchers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their incipient processes, technologies and ideas into commercially viable ventures. The main thrust areas are production, process optimization, scale up, downstream processing, purification and possible industrial applications and exploitation of various bioactive molecules produced by microorganisms using fermentation as an approach.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance Division of CSIR- Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu was established in the year 2003 with a motive to provide assured, reliable, repeatable and precise analytical results in the field of chemical testing. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) has strengthened the standard of analytical output. QA/ AC Division is also the part of the Technology Business incubator of CSIR_-IIM Jammu.

Technology Business Incubator , IIIM also caters GLP Standard In vivo Laboratory(Animal house)”. The facility can be used for Drug Development and testing Under strict GLP Regulations. The facility is developed as per FDA & other regulatory agencies requirements. The facility is under process to obtain Certifications for GLP (National GLP Programme & OECD GLP) and other Accreditations (i.e., AAALAC).

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